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Who Needs Late-Round Draft Picks When You Have The Waiver Wire?

The Buccaneers had a total of nine draft picks last season, and they used them well. Only one of those players isn't on the roster anymore, sixth-round punter Brent Bowden. Aside from that selection, the draft picks were remarkably productive. And the rookie contributions didn't end there, as the Bucs got tremendous production from some undrafted free agents like Legarrette Blount and other waiver wire pickups. Mark Dominik has referred to those player as a 'second draft', but I didn't realise how apt that was until I actually looked at the players the Bucs picked up throughout the season.

A total of 25 rookies appeared in games for the Buccaneers. 8 of those were drafted by the Bucs, but the other 17 weren't. Of those 17 players, 5 were drafted by other teams: DE E.J. Wilson in the fourth round by the Seahawks, DT Al Woods in the fourth round by the Saints, S Larry Asante in the fifth round by the Browns, WR Dezmon Briscoe in the sixth round by the Bengals and G Ted Larsen in the sixth round by the Patriots. Finally, DE Doug Worthington didn't appear in any games for the Bucs but is still on the roster, and he was drafted in the 7th round by the Steelers. Diligent work got the Bucs another six drafted players on their roster. Now that's a real second draft.