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Director of Football Administration Digger Daley leaves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Daley worked as a contract negotiator, salary cap manager and strategic planner, so says Pewter Report. Daley's contract was up and has not been extended, although it's unclear whether the Bucs declined to offer him a new contract or whether he decided to leave. Daley supposedly wants to return to the Cincinnati area for personal reasons. When Bruce Allen was fired in 2009, Mark Dominik hired several new people to handle some of these issues. The Bucs do need to find a replacement for Daley, and preferably someone with experience. Daley had no experience in football before joining the Bucs, and they may be looking to change that. 

The timing of this move is a bit odd as the draft is just a week away, and salary cap management and strategic planning both are relevant during the draft process. Furthermore, rumors are swirling that the lockout will end on Monday as Judge Nelson is set to make a ruling to lift the lockout then. If the lockout ends, free agency will start immediately and a contract negotiator would be needed. There should be some urgency in the Bucs' bid to find a replacement.