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Jayson Kaiser, Raheem Morris' personal assistent, charged with DUI

Yes, Raheem Morris has a PA and he was drunk driving. And unlike Mike Williams' case last year, it doesn't seem likely this one will blow over. At least it isn't a player or important coach this time. I don't know what, exactly, Kaiser does, but as a personal assistant to the head coach I'm sure he's not all that busy right now, what with the lockout and all. That left him with plenty of time to drink and drive, apparently. He's also not the first front-office Buccaneer to be busted for DUI this year, as Shelton Quarles was arrested last month. 

Drunk driving is stupid and inexcusable, but it's also something that happens around the league. The Bucs aren't an exception here, but that doesn't mean they have to tolerate this kind of thing. Generally speaking the Buccaneers discipline offenders in-house and don't make any punishment public, though, so this is probably the last you'll hear of this.