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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Chicago Bears in London on October 23rd

This leaked last week, but it's official now: the Bucs give up a second home game in two years to play the Bears in London. This is bad news for any local fans who want to go to the stadium to catch this classic NFC Central re-match, but for those at home it will at least mean the game will be televised. This move was likely driven by the poor ticket sales over the past two seasons, and a need to increase the profile of a young Bucs team that got very little screen time last year. At the same time this could be a marketing move to expand the fanbase overseas. It's very unlikely this is a prelude to a more permanent move to the UK, as the Bucs have a great stadium deal in Tampa and there are many legal and logistical issues standing in the way of any team settling in the UK.

ESPN notes that this game will be played in Tampa if the labor situation isn't resolved by the 1st of August, so for those of you hoping the game stays in Tampa, you have something to root for. In addition, the full NFL schedule should be out by 7PM ET tomorrow. Bucs Nation will be covering that, of course.

As for season ticket holders and other fans who have already paid for a season's worth of home games, the Bucs will refund the cost of the lost game. For people who are on a payment plan, future payments will be adjusted to compensate for the loss. That's all according to Stephen Holder.