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The Buccaneers Lack Home-Run Speed on Offense

The Buccaneers are many things on offense. They're explosive, they're dangerous, they have players who can break big plays on every down. But despite all that they do lack one dimension in their game: true breakaway speed. The kind of speed that, as they say, 'blows the top off defenses'. The kind of speed that forces safeties back a couple yards. The kind of speed that uses Freeman's big arm. Right now the Bucs have no such players. 

Sure, they have Mike Williams, but he's not a real home run hitter. Mike Williams is a good route runner who can get open, he can make people miss and turn a small pass into a big gain. He's a terrific wide receiver for a lot of different reasons, but not his vertical speed. Arrelious Benn is a very physical wide receiver who can run over people, he's explosive out of his cuts and he can get down-field. We saw him make a number of catches on deep balls - but he doesn't have that terrific top-end speed either. Benn can get behind defensive backs on designed plays, but he can't just blast by players.

The Bucs had one such player on the roster, though, but they could never get him going before a devastating knee injury ended his season: Kareem Huggins. Because of his knee injury it's impossible to know what he'll be in the future. He may not be able to return to football, and even if he does return he may lose his speed. He can't be counted on in the future. The Bucs need to find a speed merchant somewhere, and the draft should be the place. There are a number of speedy running backs who could add a new dimension to the Bucs running game, and several vertical threats at wide receivers should be available as well. Players like WR Titus Young and WR Denarius Moore could make the already good Bucs offense a whole lot more potent.