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Correction: Aqib Talib May Not Go To Jail

UPDATE: JoeBucsFan has since corrected its story. The assault charge has not been reduced (yet), though this is a resolution that JoeBucsFan still expects. Talib's attorney is looking to take the case before a grand jury and sounds confident that the case will be resolved in Talib's favor. The original story is below, but it's not correct anymore. 

Per JoeBucsFan, Aqib Talib's felony charges have been reduced to a misdemeanor charge. It seems Talib struck a deal with the prosecutor and he will serve probation. In addition, Talib will likely enter some sort of counselling or mental health program, like he ultimately did in the cabby-punching incident. Talib has managed to evade any serious legal punishment in this case, but he can't keep getting into trouble and expect to get off scot-free every time. 

The fact that he was not convicted of a felony and got off relatively light opens the doors for the Bucs to bring him back into the fold, once the labor situation is resolved. Roger Goodell will likely suspend him for a number of games, unless a new CBA will prevent from doling out punishment for behavior that occurred during the lockout. No one can question Talib's on-field talent, and I think the Bucs are not willing to part ways with that talent right now. When it comes time for him to get a new contract the Bucs will have to decide whether he's worth the risk, and the answer will depend on the development of cornerbacks like E.J. Biggers and Myron Lewis. The Bucs may also decide to trade Talib to recap some of their investment, like the Chargers did with Antonio Cromartie.

The last chapter in Talib's life as a Buccaneer hasn't been written yet, and Mark Dominik's actions will speak louder than his words as to the direction this franchise will take in the future.