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Know Your Draft Pick: Cameron Jordan

Cameron Jordan is one of many players the Bucs have brought in for a visit, and the interest is understandable. Jordan looks like a potentially dominant base defensive end who could be a 3-down player immediately. He's polished, strong, shifty and uses his hands well. He has a non-stop motor and looks to get to the ball at all times. He's not the greatest pass rusher in the draft and it's doubtful whether he can beat left tackles with any regularity, but he could be a force at left end going against right tackles. If the Bucs do draft him in the first round, they will have to draft a pass-rusher later on in the draft to play at right defensive end. 

There's one thing that really stands out when you watch him play, though, and that's the fact that he's a pretty good pass-rusher as a 3-technique too. This will increase his value for some teams, but it won't matter to the Bucs, who spent their first two draft picks on pass-rushing defensive tackles last year. In addition to that, he should work as a 3-4 end as well further increasing his value to some teams. This versatility is something Raheem Morris loves, but Jordan's versatility won't really fill many holes for the Bucs. This makes it likely some team will love the fact that he can play 3-technique and snap him up well before the Bucs get the opportunity to. 

Let's see what some of the scouting sites out there think of Jordan. The National Football Post has him as their 10th best overall player, but their scouting report isn't as glowing as you'd expect. They love his versatility, his power and explosion, but they feel that he's too inconsistent with his hands. They like him as a 3- or 5-technique, and think he's a better prospect than Tyson Alualu. The problem here is that it's clear they don't really like him as a 4-3 edge rusher, which is exactly what the Bucs need out of him. 

CBS sees him similarly, and don't really like him as a 4-3 defensive end. They don't think he'll be more than a "marginal pass rusher in the NFL". That's a pretty damning review, and really should eliminate him from consideration for the Bucs. They do love everything else about him, though, especially his run defense - which is where the Bucs really need some help as well. 

And finally, Mocking the Draft sees him as a power end who can play in a 3-4. They too question his pass-rushing ability, specifically against quicker tackles. They portray him as an NFL-ready player who could step in right away, but who wouldn't necessarily do much damage as a pass rusher. 

In the end, I think the Bucs genuinely like him and would love to have him in their scheme. Raheem Morris would change his defense to use him to his best abilities, but I still don't think he's the best pick for the Bucs. If they pick Cameron Jordan, they're leaving the right side of their defensive line open. They have no one who can consistently threaten a left tackle, and that hole is a lot bigger than the left end role where Cameron Jordan would step in. After all, Alex Magee looked pretty good from that same position at the end of last season.