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The Bucs Nation Community Mock Draft - #10 Washington Redskins

Tyron Smith a Cowboys next year?
Tyron Smith a Cowboys next year?

The Dallas Cowboys strengthen their offensive line with Tyron Smith, and address their biggest need. This should immediately improve their team and was really the only sensible draft pick. The Cowboys still have a pretty strong team despite a poor 2010 season. The Bucs will find out firsthand, as the Cowboys are one of the 2011 opponents.

Today we get to the Washington Redskins. That team is just a mess right now. Bringing in Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen didn't put the team in rebuilding mode, just in more-free-agents-now mode. They traded for Donovan McNabb, who they gave a big fat contract a couple of days before benching him for the rest of the season. That baffling sequence of events aside, McNabb has no future in Washington and they desperately need a new QB. They have plenty of other needs, too. They drafted a tackle very high last year in Trent Williams but the rest of their offensive line is makeshift at best. Albert Haynesworth seems to have worn out his welcome, and they need more talent along the defensive line in their new 3-4 scheme. They need a good free safety, and their cornerbacks can be improved upon as well. And finally, the receiving corps is a mess. Plenty of needs to fill, so which one do you think they start with?

The draft so far:

1. Carolina Panthers - QB Cam Newton
2. Denver Broncos - DT Marcell Dareus
3. Buffalo Bills - DE Von Miller
4. Cincinnati Bengals - WR A.J. Green
5. Arizona Cardinals - QB Blaine Gabbert
6. Cleveland Browns - CB Patrick Peterson
7. San Francisco 49ers - Prince Amukamara
8. Tennessee Titans - Nick Fairley
9. Dallas Cowboys - Tyron Smith

QB Jake Locker, Washington: A supremely talented quarterback with some really bad accuracy issues. Jake Locker was hyped badly coming into this year with the expectation that he'd get much better, but that improvement never occurred. Instead, he remained inaccurate and inconsistent. But Locker really reminds me of Josh Freeman - both were inaccurate coming out of college, they weren't big winners, they had trouble reading defenses, but they also had supreme talent at the quarterback position, a great work ethic and good leadership skills.

QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas: A monster of an arm, but a lot of questions. Mallett can make every single throw an NFL coach would want, but his biggest problem is dealing with pressure. When pressured he starts to make questionable decisions, and when he can't set his feet he gets a lot less accurate. Still, he could do wonders behind a good offensive line in a system where he won't be asked to be very mobile. The bigger questions may revolve around his personality, though. There are a lot of rumors about his leadership skills and off-field behavior, but everyone at Arkansas says any concerns are unwarranted. He has the raw talent to go very high, but the team interviews will decide where he will really land.

DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson: Bowers is perhaps the best talent at defensive end in this draft. He had a ridiculous junior year with 15.5 sacks and 25 tackles for loss. He's a strong run defender and a potent pass-rusher. But there are two concerns about Da'Quan Bowers: his junior year was his first strong year, and he could be a one-year wonder. Second, a knee injury has prevented him from working out and he still wasn't fully healthy at his pro day. if his knee doesn't check out at the Combine Re-check, he could fall a long way on draft day. If he does check out he doesn't really fit the Redskins, though, who don't need pass rushers, but need to bolster their 3-4 defensive line.

DE Robert Quinn, North Carolina: Robert Quinn was one of several North Carolina players who were suspended for the 2010 season for receiving improper benefits from agents. Then add to that some minor medical concerns over a benign brain tumor, and it would be easy to understand if Quinn dropped a long way on draft day. But Quinn is a unique defensive end talent, with great speed off the edge and good strength. He kept in shape during his time away from the game and performed well at the scouting combine and his pro day. Overall there are no questions about his commitment to football, and he may be even better than Bowers.

WR Julio Jones, Alabama: Julio Jones is a lot like A.J. Green, perhaps a bit more physical and intimidating but a little less reliable, as he'll drop some easy catches at times. But he's a terrific route runner and should make an immediate impact for whoever drafts him. There are no character concerns with Julio Jones and he's certainly in the running for a top pick. He'd certainly fit the Redskins' needs too, who have very little at wide receiver.

CB Jimmy Smith, Colorado: Jimmy Smith could actually challenge Patrick Peterson as the most talented cornerback in the draft. He's a terrific player who would excel in press-man coverage, and isn't all that different from Darrelle Revis. There are very few negatives about Jimmy Smith on the field. The only problem is that he has some significant questions about his off-field behavior and will drop in the draft because of that. Whoever takes a risk on him will end up with a great cornerback, but will have to worry about keeping him on the field. The Redskins have a decent cornerbacking duo with Phillip Buchanon and Deangelo Hall, although the latter gives up plenty of big plays.

DT Corey Liuget, Illinois: Liuget is a polished and versatile defensive tackle who can do it all. Not an elite talent but a good player who could plug a hole on defense. He could function as anything from a 3-4 nose tackle to a 4-3 3-technique or even a 3-4 5-technique. He would certainly fit the Redskins' needs who need to add some competent down linemen to run the 3-4.

DE Cameron Jordan, California: A powerful, polished and very versatile defensive end. He has experience playing in a 3-4 defense and could be a great pawn for the Redskins defense. He's strong against the run and an effective pass rusher as a 5-technique, though he isn't the most explosive pass rusher in the draft. But he dominated the Senior Bowl, had a very productive college career, always hustles and is a high-character kid.