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Preseason schedule announced - Buccaneers face Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins

It's a bit sad that this is some kind of major announcement, but so be it. The big news here is that the first preseason game at the Kansas City Chiefs will be nationally televised. So the Bucs have their first nationally televised game for the season, even if it's a preseason game. I'd expect a lot more of those during the regular season, including at least one prime time game. After the terrific season the Bucs had last year, there's no way the networks can overlook them in determining the schedule.

If the season starts as planned the Bucs will face the Chiefs on Aug. 12 in Kansas City, the Patriots at home somewhere between August 18 and 22, the Dolphins at home somewhere from Aug 25 to 28 and the Redskins in Washington on September 1 or 2. The Bucs also aren't facing the Jacksonville Jaguars or Houston Texans. The Bucs have played both teams every year in the preseason since 2002, so this should be refreshing. The Bucs do face the Dolphins for the 11th straight preseason.