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Wanted: Talented, Enthusiastic Writer(s) for Bucs Nation

With Craig and MNeilson unfortunately leaving the site as writers we're in need of some new people who are enthusiastic about the Buccaneers and would like to write for Bucs Nation. If you think you have something to add to Bucs Nation, if you can write and if you have the time and dedication then you're the kind of person we need.


It's important to understand that this requires some dedication. You should be able and willing to write regular articles (1-2 per week during the season) about the Buccaneers or football in general. But if you think you can do it, send an e-mail to Be sure to include your age and location and to tell me why you want write for Bucs Nation and what you could add to the site. I'll ask all applicants to write something, and I'll probably ask a few of them to join the staff. So if you want to add something to the site, go send me an e-mail!