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Who Do You Want the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Draft?

Will Aldon Smith be a Buccaneer next season?
Will Aldon Smith be a Buccaneer next season?

Plenty of players have been connected with the Bucs so far, including Ryan Kerrigan, Cameron Jordan, Adrian Clayborn, Da'Quan Bowers and Aldon Smith. Each of these players has his own positives and negatives, so let's go over some of them, and then I'll ask you which player you want to see in a Bucs uniform whenever the season starts.

Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue: Ryan Kerrigan is a jack-of-all trades who doesn't excel at one specific thing but is good at all of them. He works hard and was very productive in college. The fact that he was a team captain in college will certainly speak to the Buccaneers, as they've made it a priority to draft team captains over the past two years. Unfortunately Ryan Kerrigan isn't the greatest athlete at the position and is already a very polished player so he doesn't have the greatest upside. Still, he's a good player and should bolster the Bucs D-Line.

Cameron Jordan, California: A big, versatile defensive lineman who seems to best fit as a left end rather than a right end. He's a high-effort player who could play both 3-4 and 4-3 end, and his versatility would be perfect for the Bucs. Productive throughout his career, Jordan really jumped to the forefront when he dominated the Senior Bowl. He's a good but not elite pass rusher, who could really shine on the defensive line as a left end.

Adrian Clayborn, Iowa: Clayborn was the only defensive end dropping to the Bucs in earlier mocks, but recently players like Aldon Smith and Ryan Kerrigan have been falling more frequently. Still, Clayborn should be a possibility for the Bucs. He had a terrfici junior year, but stayed for his senior year and really fell off. He wasn't a pass-rushing threat in his last year, although he was a terrific force against the run. Clayborn works mostly off power which could limit him in the NFL. In the end I think this is another player with a high floor, but he doesn't look like a pass rusher to me, and that's what the Bucs need.

Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson: Bowers is a terrific prospect who was in the conversation for the first overall pick despite being a bit of a one-year wonder. Recent injury concerns have shelved that talk, but he definitely has the talent to go very very high. Unfortunately this means Bowers will only drop to the Bucs if the injury concerns are serious, which should make the Bucs less interested as well.

DE Aldon Smith, Missouri: Smith's middle name should be 'potential'. With long arms, good speed and great athleticism the Missouri defensive end has great potential. He looks like the type of defensive end the Giants would draft, and that's a good thing. Unfortunately Smith is mostly 'potential' and will take a while to adjust to the NFL. Still, the Bucs could have a great player in 2 years with Aldon Smith.

In the end, I think the Bucs will draft Ryan Kerrigan. He's the most likely to fall to them, and he's the kind of high-effort, high-character players the Bucs (claim to) love. I don't think Adrian Clayborn is going to be the Bucs' draft pick because he just isn't a good pass rusher, although he's almost certain to be available at #20. Aldon Smith and Da'Quan Bowers would be good options for the Bucs, but both of them are probably going to be picked before #20.

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