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The Bucs could trade up - who are the possible trade partners?

The Bucs need a good pass rushers, and they're in danger of missing out on one at the 20th overall pick. Their need may force them to move up in the draft, and there are a number of teams that may be willing to trade up for this. Let's go through a few, in order. 

Any of the top 5 teams: This would be a major move up, and all of these teams would like to trade down to get more picks, as they have too many holes on their roster. The Bucs would be targeting Von Miller, Robert Quinn or Da'Quan Bowers if this happened. So what would be the cost? Going off previous trades, a lot. In 2009 the Jets traded up from #17 to #5 to select Mark Sanchez, and it cost them their first-rounder, their second-rounder, a mediocre starter and 2 backup players.The Bucs would have to pay more than that to move up from #20 into that range, and it would likely cost the Bucs their first three picks. They wouldn't be able to trade players unless the labor situation is resolved to some extent. This cost is prohibitive, and the Bucs shouldn't sacrifice that much to move up that far. 

Dallas Cowboys, #9: The Cowboys have a few needs, but there's no top prospect that really fits their needs outside of the somewhat raw Tyron Smith. They would love to trade down to gather more picks so they can pick up a good tackle later on and add talent at other positions. If the Bucs trade up with the Cowboys they're likely targeting Robert Quinn, Da'Quan Bowers or Cameron Jordan, depending on who's still on the board. So how much would it cost? Well in 2008 the Jaguars traded up for the 8th overall pick, held by the Baltimore Ravens. They gave up a 1st-rounder, 2 3rd-rounders and a 4th-rounder for that selection, used to select Derrick Harvey. The Bucs wouldn't need to give up that much because the Jaguars were trading up from the 26th overall spot, and the Bucs are only at 20. So I would guess the Bucs would need to give up a 1st-rounder and a 2nd-rounder, or a 1st, a 3rd and a 4th. That's still a pretty hefty price, but it could be worth it to get an elite prospect. If Robert Quinn or Da'Quan Bowers was the target I'd certainly support this, but if Cameron Jordan is the target, I don't think he's an elite player warranting that kind of selection, mostly because he looks like a left end at the NFL level. 

Miami Dolphins, #15: This seems like a likely trade. The Dolphins are constantly given Mark Ingram in mock drafts, but he's likely to fall further than #15 if the Dolphins pass him up. With that in mind they'd be smart to trade down, especially because they don't need an OT or pass rusher, the strengths of this draft class. if the Bucs trade up here they're targeting whichever defensive end is falling, or whichever defensive end caught their fancy. Cameron Jordan, Ryan Kerrigan, Da'Quan Bowers and Aldon Smith are likely targets here. The Bucs would be skipping past the Jaguars, the Patriots and the Chargers by trading up just 5 picks, and all 3 of those teams are likely targeting the same players the Bucs are targeting. So how much would they need to give up? Well, in 2007 the Broncos traded their 21st overall pick, a late third-rounder and a sixth-rounder to the Jaguars for the 17th overall pick. The Bucs would need to give up something comparable to move from 20th overall to 15th overall, perhaps a bit more. So that would be something like their first-rounder, their third-rounder, and their fifth-rounder, perhaps getting a late pick in return. That's a more palatable price, but decent players can still be had in the third round of the draft. But if it lands the Bucs a good defensive end, it's probably worth it.