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Piggy Backing off BucWild

Yesterday, BucWild warned you to be cautious of any rumors that revolve around trades and the draft. Talk is cheap and often used to gain some sort of leverage. Though the CBA negotiations are much more involved and complex, the same strategies are in play. Regardless, it got me thinking about something else that needs to be said. There is a lot of big name free agents and once elite journeymen that will be thrown around. Already, there has been posts about any free agent on the market. While there is nothing wrong with discussing how the player may fit it in as a Buccaneer and it's fun to think what if, the truth is, it won't happen. The short history of this front office has proved that it does not value in-demand free agents or 'sexy' attention picks. Rather, they choose to focus their resources on talent scouting and development.

There is no absolutes as to what the organization may do. However, we can all make some pretty reasonable assumptions. In the two seasons under this current leadership the Buccaneers have passed on many high profile guys including Albert Haynesworth, Julius Peppers, TJ Houshmanzadah and Terrell Owens; All of which could have contributed significantly. Many, including myself, saw the Kellen Winslow signing as a second rate free agent. Outside of Peppers, all non-signings have played out well. We have talked ad nauseam about the strategy that Dominik has employed so I won't go into it further. Last year ('10) the Buccaneers sent shock waves into the free agent market by signing Sean Jones (sarcasm). They simply have ignored a lot of the media and fans desires to see the Bucs dig deep into their pocket books for a free agent.

So this year, rather than pouring over what the Buccaneers could look like with Tiki Barber, Nnamdi Asomugha, Tyson Clabo or Mathias Kiwanuka I choose to proceed as if the Bucs will cut what they presume as dead weight (Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn, Antonio Bryant) ignore sexy names (Haynesworth, Owens, etc) and draft talent that has been heavily evaluated and strive to develop that young talent (Mike Williams, Cody Grimm, Gerald McCoy). It's proven well thus far and has put us on the right pace of development.