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Jon Alston released - linebacker depth questionable?

Here's something I missed: LB Jon Alston has been released, along with G Randall MCdaniel and C Jason Nerys. If he doesn't sound familiar that's not surprising: he hasn't played a game for the Buccaneers. He was one of the few free agency signings in 2010, but ended up on IR before the season even started. The speedy linebacker was mostly known for his special teams play, but could've provided some interesting depth on defense. Sadly, that isn't the case now, and there's no room for Alston on the roster anymore. This is somewhat surprising given the current state of the linebacker corps: Dekoda Watson and Geno Hayes are the only linebackers with starting experience under contract, and Tyrone McKenzie is the only other potential starting linebacker. Barrett Ruud, Quincy Black and Adam Hayward are all free agents. Although Hayward and Black have been tendered it remains to be seen whether those tenders are worth anything given the uncertainty surrounding the CBA. 

The Bucs can't go into 2011 with a starting linebacking corps of Dekoda Watson, Tyrone McKenzie and Geno Hayes. With no viable backup linebackers on the roster, the Bucs will need to restock this position - either through the draft, through free agency or by re-signing Black, Hayward or Ruud. Defensive End is a weakness for this team, but linebacker is perhaps just as much of a concern as it stands right now.