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Aqib Talib on shooting: "I didn't do it"

Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times talked to Aqib Talib's former college coach about Talib's current issues, and that coach offered some interesting insight. He has spoken to Talib, who claimed, unsurprisingly, that he didn't do it. More interesting is Talib's insistence that it was his mother who did it and that "it'll all come out soon". We'll see whether that's true, but if this case goes to court it could be a very long time before it all comes out, if it's true. Still, if Talib's innocence is the conclusion of the legal process I would think the Bucs would have no problems taking him back, and perhaps even Roger Goodell would have some reservations about suspending Talib. Then again, this is the latest event in a pattern of behavior. Even if the Bucs do take Talib back, he will be a free agent after the 2012 season and the Bucs will have some reservations about extending his contract. It's hard to give a long-term contract to someone who keeps getting into trouble. He'll have to be on his best behavior from now through the end of the contract. 

The victim in this case, Shannon Billings, also is far from innocent and this could work to Talib's favor as well. Not only is he a registered sex offender, he was also arrested for Aggravated Assault with Bodily Injury and Interference With an Emergency Phone Call for incidents at his address earlier that day. Both of those charges related to Talib's sister Saran, but it seems that police didn't take action until the situation escalated with Talib and his mother there. If Talib and his mother were defending Saran, that would help their case as well. It's impossible to say where this case is headed, but there seems to be some perspective for Talib.