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The New Bucs Nation Lead Writer...

That would be me. I'm sure most of you have guessed as much from the number of posts I put up over the past weeks, but a number of administrative issues had to be taken care of before I could announce myself as the new Bucs Nation editor. Craig did a fine job as lead editor before, but he decided he couldn't continue anymore, so here I am. 

For those who don't know me, I'm 23, I was born and raised in the Netherlands and still live there, and I'm a big Bucs fan. I've been writing for Bucs Nation for just over six months, and you can find plenty of my previous articles in the archive. I won't be running the site very differently from the way Craig ran it, although I'll try to get a few more articles out there. 

Eventually I hope this becomes the #1 Bucs site on the internet, but that's a rather distant goal. In the short term I hope to have a number of interesting stories each day, timely news on the Bucs, and a healthy amount of discussion. Buc Wild also did a good job with his story here to see what people are interested in, and I'll definitely look at some of the suggestions. I'd like to start the podcast up again, and I hope we can get one out there before the draft. 

You've seen a good sampling of what I have to offer over the past days, so expect more of that. I can tell you that I do have one interesting series planned, though: I'll try to use the data I gathered by charting every Bucs game of the past season and get you some insight you won't see anywhere. I'll be able to look at how well the Bucs really did when rushing just 3 people, or how well those zone blitzes worked. If there's any feature you want to see on the site or anything you want to know, please let me know!

In any case, thanks for having me Bucs Nation. I hope you'll like what I and everyone else on the team have to offer. Buc Wild, MNeilson, LeeCaz and jarldg do a great job with their stories. 

Finally, you can follow me as @Sanderrp and Bucs Nation as @Bucs_Nation on Twitter.