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Da'Quan Bowers dropping...dropping...all the way down?

According to Peter King, Da'Quan Bowers has failed at least two team physicals. Of course we don't know if this is actually true as every team leaks misinformation, but it presents some intriguing scenarios. Bowers is an elite player and was at one point considered for the first overall pick, and may still be in the running for it. There are two concerns with Bowers though: he's a bit of a one-year wonder, in part because of a 2009 injury, and he's still recovering from a knee injury. Bowers hasn't worked out for NFL personnel because of that knee injury. There will be a medical re-check in Indianapolis in a couple of days, and that will be key for Bowers. If he passes all physicals there, he's likely to be a top 10 pick. But if he doesn't, he could start falling down draft boards, and could conceivably end up with the Bucs.

There are some problems with that reasoning, though. Every team treats each individual injury differently and what may be a concern for one team, may not be one for another team. It only takes one team to draft Bowers, so he may not fall very far even if these injury concerns are legitimate. And if he does fall far the injury concerns may be too serious for the Bucs too consider him. What's more likely to happen is that Bowers falls a couple of draft spots. But that does affect the rest of the draft, as it will push other DEs further down. Whichever team selects Bowers may have had its eyes set on someone like Robert Quinn before, for instance. This won't push any DEs up the draft board though, as Bowers is widely believed to be the top DE in the draft by a sizable margin anyway.