What do you want to see/read on BucsNation?

Couple of things in play here. First off, as you all know, Craig has decided to move on from BucsNation. This means there will be a change in blog leadership (again). I have no idea who will take over the site either in the interim or long term. it may be someone already on the masthead, it may be someone who has never stepped foot on BN. Obviously whoever takes over will spearhead the direction of the site as well as the quantity, quality and tone of the commentary.

That being said, it is the offseason, which is obviously much slower than the rest of the year. This year is a bit unique as the lockout will prevent anyone from really knowing what the schedule is for the future months. We all are operating on a day to day basis as we wait for the lockout to end so we can get some traction and prepare for the draft, free agency, training camp and preseason.

That being said, what are your comments, thoughts and ideas for BucsNation? This can range from article ideas, to guideline suggestions, wanting to be a writer, or just general feedback on the site. This is probably the best time to make any changes as everything is very fluid right now with the change at the top and lack of an NFL as we know it.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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