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Bucs stars in other sports

With players being locked out, they're looking for some alternate activities to keep them busy throughout the offseason. Ochocinco has managed to find a sporting home: he got a tryout with MLS team Sporting Kansas City, previously the Kansas City Wizards. Ochocinco used to play soccer in middle school, is good friends with some soccer stars like Thierry Henry and has professed his love for the game on numerous occasions in the past. I don't think he really has a chance of ever appearing in an actual professional soccer game as anythng but a mascot, but it's a good way for both Ochocinco and Sporting Kansas City to create some free publicity. However, NFL players could easily succeed at other sports, and have in fact done so in the past. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders played both football and baseball professionally, and many future NFL players are also drafted by MLB teams every year, though few actually make the move to play baseball. Our own John Lynch almost didn't play professional football because he had the opportunity to play baseball instead, and he spent two years in baseball's minor leagues. Imagine that, the vaunted Bucs defense without John Lynch. 

With all that in mind, I thought it'd be fun to look at some of the Bucs players that could do well in other sports. 

Sammie Stroughter - Soccer. He's shifty, quick and has a great feel space. All good talents to have as a soccer player. 

Donald Penn - Sumo Wrestler. Penn was reportedly at 350lbs for some parts of the 2009 season. Plus, he pushes people out of the way  at his regular NFL position too. Perfect fit. 

Brandon Carter - WWE. Just look at him and you can see why. 

Erik Lorig - Surfer. Lorig is a California dude, and has been on a board for most of his life. 

Demar Dotson - Basketball. He played the sport in college for Southern Miss, and at 6'9" he's certainly tall enough to play the game. 

Legarrette Blount - Hurdling. He can jump people easily, bits of wood shouldn't pose much of a problem for the running back. 

Ronde Barber - Ironman Triathlon. Ronde's 35 but he takes care of his body like no one else. The ironman triathlon is made for people like him. 

Can you think of anyone else?