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My Farewell To Bucs Nation

After two and a half wonderful years writing for this site, I have given my notice of resignation to SBNation and will be stepping down as a writer. As much as I've loved writing for Buc'Em and Bucs Nation, I am at the point where life starts demanding so much more that I have to make some sacrifices. You all have been a tremendous group of fans to interact with on a regular basis and I've learned as much from conversating with all of you as I hope you have from me and the staff during my time here. I will still be around and participate in the regular commentary and maybe put out the occasional fanpost if I feel the itch.

I don't know who will be taking over as the lead writer for this site, but whoever it is will be well-qualified and do a terrific job I'm sure. SBNation has done a great job of identifying talent throughout their 300+ blogs, so I'm sure things will go on without a hitch (yea yea, easy for me to say since I'm a writer, but I really feel that way). For those who might be wondering if I'll still be doing anything Bucs-related, the answer is yes. I have covered the Buccaneers for ESPN 1040 Tampa Bay as their Buccaneer Insider and will be covering them next season and beyond as a fully-credentialed member of the media. I also co-host a radio show, the Insiders' Show, on ESPN 1040 Sunday mornings from 10-11. Hit up for my articles and show information and follow me on Twitter (@CraiginTampa) for my thoughts on the Bucs and other things.

I'll be around until SBNation puts a new lead writer in, but for now....thank you and I'll see you all around.