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Bucs to be on Hard Knocks?

Pat Yasinskas of ESPN just reported that the Bucs are a leading candidate for the next Hard Knocks, if there is a training camp and preseason this year. It's an interesting proposition, and it would be fun to see what the Bucs do behind the scenes. Besides that it'd give the underexposed team some national time in the media spotlight, and expose the rest of the nation to the quality of the team. And I think the combination of Raheem Morris, Kellen Winslow and Aqib Talib would make for some great television.

At the same time, there's the risk that this proves to be a distraction for the Bucs. While the Jets didn't do badly last season, several teams that appeared on Hard Knocks didn't go on to have a good season the next year. Besides that, other teams would get a good look at how the Bucs do business and the players they have in camp, which could prove to be costly.

What do you think, Bucs Nation?