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Gerald McCoy visiting Africa

Getty Images

Gerald McCoy has been very busy this offseason. First he was rehabbing his torn biceps, which he has finished now. He's also been out in San Diego working out for the upcoming season, focusing on improving his upper-body strength. Besides that he's also been expanding his off-field activities, including acting as a reporter for the 'Ochocinco News Network'(OCNN). I still don't really know what, exactly, that entails but it mostly seems to involve Gerald McCoy interviewing people and then not airing it anywhere.

McCoy has also been involved with Pros for Africa, a charitable organization focused on providing aid for children in need in Africa. Right now the Bucs' 3-technique is in Rwanda, after spending the past days in Uganda along with some other NFL players including Larry Fitzgerald and Tommie Harris. It's always good to see an NFL player get involved in some major charities, and this is as good a charity as any. McCoy has consistently been praised for his involvement with charities and communities, even in college, and he's a standup man. 

Of course, his play on the field didn't match his off-field level of character last year. While he certainly ended the season strongly, he only showed flashes of his ability early in the season. Hopefully he continues to work on his game once he gets back from Africa. It's a shame that he can't work with the new D-Line coaches because of the lockout, although the NFLPA has filed for an injunction to force teams to continue business as usual. If the injunction is granted the Bucs players will be able to work out with their own coaches, and this should be very valuable for the second-year players like McCoy.