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NFLPA and NFL make minor progress

Something was agreed upon, maybe.  After months of back and forth and discussion on various items, the NFL and NFLPA finally agreed on something, the rookie wage scale.  While this was one of the main issues, it wasn't one of the two big issues (revenue sharing and schedule length).  To boil it down for you, the rookie wage scale will look something like this. 

First round picks will be able to sign a max of a 4 year deal.  In the past, it was typically 5 or 6 years.  This will get top picks into free agency sooner.

Second round picks and later will be signed to a max of a 3 year deal and subject to restricted free agency in year 4.  This is essentially the same as previous years.

The owners had pitched a max deal for rookies of $19 million with $6 million guaranteed, but this was shot down by the NFLPA.  No word on what the final figures are.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports broke the story, although there are conflicting reports as to whether this agreement has actually taken place.  If it hasn't taken place yet, it's at least getting close.

On another note, the 18 game schedule is meeting huge protests.  Quite honestly, I'm against an 18 game schedule.  I'm in favor of getting rid of two of the preseason games, but I don't want two extra games to water down the season.  DeMaurice Smith has said the players don't want it and this sounds like he's digging his heels in.  Of course Goodell has been talking about how much the fans want it, which seems like the cart before the horse.  Not many people have been in favor of it, a fact he seems to ignore.

The deadline is tomorrow, and there are a few possibilities on the table.  Either a deal gets done, we get another extension, or the lockout becomes official.