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Mike Williams Guarantees Buccaneers make Playoffs

The guarantee from an athlete doesn't hold much water in this day and age, nor is it especially newsworthy, but since 99% of the NFL content out there is focused on the Steelers and Packers, this one has picked up some steam. In a story published yesterday by the Tampa Tribune, rookie receiver Mike Williams was quoted as saying:


"We're a young team, but we're guaranteeing the playoffs, and if we get into the playoffs we know we can do some some damage."

Which is it Mike? You guarantee the playoffs and then follow it up with a big old "if"? You can view the article in it's entirety here. As a fan this makes me excited because I realize this guy has some fire in him, and he is already looking ahead to proving himself again next year. On the other hand I can only roll my eyes at yet another "guarantee" from an athlete. Guarantees used to mean something. When Joe Namath famously guaranteed his Jets would beat the favored Baltimore Colts I'm sure he had no idea of what kind of precedent he was setting.

In fact, if you want a good laugh, just go google "guarantees victory" and look at all the morons that had to go back and eat their words. While I realize that playoffs and victory aren't quite the same thing, a guarantee is still a little too cliche for my taste. The most recent playoff guarantee to go unrequited that I can recall was Brandon Marshall's mid season guarantee that the Dolphins would make the playoffs. Despite this guarantee, Brandon Marshall could be found at home on his couch every Saturday and Sunday this past January. Hopefully Williams' prediction turns out better than that one. On the flip side, I can also recall Jim Fassel's guarantee that the floundering Giants would make the playoffs back in 2000. This guarantee was said to spur the team on to their Super Bowl appearance. The difference between that team and this team, and a player and a head coach desperate to keep his job, are pretty far off in my opinion. At least New York had a pass rush.

What do you think Bucs Nation? Is this excessive confidence a good or bad thing?