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Injured Bucs healing nicely

Right left right left, Uhhhh son Uhhhhh. Right left right kick Uhhh son Uhhhh!
Right left right left, Uhhhh son Uhhhhh. Right left right kick Uhhh son Uhhhh!

The injured Bucs players are likely to be shut out of the building after March 4th, when the current CBA expires. And until a new CBA is reached, they will have to rehab their injuries on their own. While the team

Thus, it's good to hear that two important injured players are progressing well in their rehab. In fact, Gerald McCoy seems to have healed his injury completely and is now going to start training his biceps back up.

Recovery is DONE. Now its nothing but strengthening from here on out as I continue therapy. Yes sir!! Thank you God. Here we go world!!    

Arrelious Benn's injury was more serious, as he tore his ACL. But he can now walk normally again, and it seems likely that he'll be ready for training camp - whenever that happens. 

The knee is doing great couldn't be any better right now. Walking like it never happened. God blessed me to be a fast healer!    

Of course, coming back from injuries is one thing, improving is another. Both Arrelious Benn and Gerald McCoy had promising rookie seasons, but there was plenty of room for improvement. And their offseason possibilities may be hampered by the lack of coaching contact. Luckily, Josh Freeman will gather together as many players as he can to train by themselves. And I'm sure that the team is taking measures to ensure that the players have all the tape and playbooks they need available to them, even if they're locked out of the building.