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Offseason Schedule

Just wanted to give you a quick run-down of the off-season schedule. Some of this, obviously, will be determined by the labor negotiations. The Bucs have not released their off-season schedule, so some of this is based on previous years and is an educated guess.

Feb. 23-March 1 -- NFL Scouting Combine, Indianapolis, Ind. The combine is obviously a time when organizations get to meticusally scrutinize prospects. This will also be the start of the draft season. Sander has gotten us started, but expect Mock Drafts and Prospect Reviews to amp up on BucsNation. This is an odd draft with so many different routes the Bucs can go, so we will try to cover all possibilities.

March 4 - Collective Bargaining Agreement expires. It's not as much of a deadline as you may believe. Obviously they can hammer one out shortly after this with little harm done. However, all hell will break loose if there is not a new one in place. Panic will set in with players and media.

March 4 - Free Agency begins. The laundry list of Buccaneers that will hit the FA market if not signed begins this day. No movement will take place if the aforementioned is not taken care of.

March 1 - April 27 - Various Pro Day's at colleges. This will contribute to evaluations of players. IMO, everyone looks good in Pro-Days. The players do what they want with players they are used to.

April 28-30 -- NFL Draft, New York City. Arguably my favorite non-physical sporting event. We will have full coverage of the draft, live threads and in-depth analysis of all Bucs picks.

May 6 - May 9 (no official date, Typically weekend after draft) - Rookie Mini-Camp - Nothing more than a light workout with an introduction to the systems, coaches and organization.

May 16 - 18 (no official date, educated guess at best) - First OTA. OTA's are typically every other week for a few days at a time. It is the first look at the new Bucs and will be a combination of study and schematic practicing.

Aug. 6 -- Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2011 Enshrinement, Canton, Ohio.This is the first, of what is thought to be, an incredible influx of talent into the HOF. For many younger Bucs fans, this may be one of the first classes you remember watching all the HOF'ers play.

Aug 7 - AFC vs NFC Hall of Fame Game - Football is officially back...albeit in preseason form.