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The victim speaks on Legarrette Blount

With Legarrette Blount's implication in an attack, the predictable statements have started to come in. While the initial article was based entirely on a police report, Blount's attorney later characterized the accusation as a blatant money grab. In speaking to the St. Petersburg Times, this is what he said:

"I spoke to LeGarrette and we rejected it outright because he didn't do anything wrong," Morgan said. "We're not going to pay someone who is just making a money grab. If there's a claim he needs to address - and I'm not saying that there is - I suggest he do so with the other guys involved."

And when speaking with JoeBucsFan, this was his statement:

"We get a message from [counsel representing the victim] saying they want $95,000," Morgan said. "He said at the time if he didn't get the money he would go public. He had a relationship with a reporter to write a one-sided article.

"It's baloney, you know. This guy drives around crashing into cars and he admits LeGarette didn't do anything [physical]. LeGarrette was with his seven-year old nephew who is autistic.

"This is total baloney, it's just not true. Look, there was a crash and an altercation, I can't condone that. But even [the victim] admits LeGarrette didn't do anything."

Finally, the victim and his attorneys contacted Bucs Nation to reiterate their side of the story. First, the victim's story:

Foremost, I want it to be known that I did not seek or desire public attention for this matter. The only action I've taken since the event nearly three months ago was to participate in the criminal investigation (that was conducted at the investigating detective's request) and hire an attorney in an effort to recover my medical expenses and damages. While I understand the recent media interest, I sincerely hope that representatives of the media will respect my strong desire to not make any further comment beyond this statement. Please direct any inquiries to my attorney, Brian Hoag. Thank you.

And finally, if you haven't had enough of all these statements, another one from the victim's attorney:

We represent Gary Holmer in relation to this unfortunate event that occurred on September 11, 2011. We first want to make clear that Mr. Holmer did not release the police report, and our firm did not release the report. The report is public record. If our client desired publicity, he or we could have easily pointed media in the direction of the public police report long ago.

Our client is a Bucs fan that went to the game that day and was subsequently assaulted and battered in the parking garage of his apartment complex upon returning home that evening with his girlfriend.

A recent media report included comments from a representative of Mr. Blount that characterized the case as a "money grab." However, the facts detailed in the police report clearly reflect that our client was the victim of severe bodily injury and property damages. We do not wish to question anyone's character - we only seek recovery of Mr. Holmer's damages.

While we do not actively seek further media attention, we believe it is important to address reports to help ensure accurate reporting. Thank you.

That should get you up to speed, if you still care about any of this.