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NFL Power Rankings Week 13: Freefall for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is the week the national media finally lose complete faith in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They had slowly dropped the Bucs week after week during the six-game losing streak, and the result was an average ranking of 21st in the power rankings. This week the Bucs drop 5 whopping points in the power rankings, and move to the 26th spot. Newsflash: losing six straight games is not good for your credibility.

For those of you interested in draft position: the Bucs' strong strength of schedule will likely keep them out of earning a very high draft pick. Right now they have the tenth overall pick, the last pick among a group of six teams with a 4-8 record. Strength of schedule is the only tiebreaker for draft position, and the Bucs have the second toughest schedule in the league in terms of opponent win percentage right now.

SB Nation - 23rd (down from 19th)

Maybe Raheem Morris should get thrown out of the game.

ESPN - 26th (down from 20th)

The Buccaneers have not won a game in 51 days dating to an Oct. 16 victory over the Saints.

Fox Sports (Brian Billick) - 27th (down from 23rd)

I give a lot of praise to head coach Raheem Morris for sending defensive tackle Brian Price home Sunday after what he called a foolish and selfish penalty. Coach Morris is a breath of fresh air in the NFL, and is a great young coach. Even with the recent skid, I can't believe his job security has come into question. Expert Rankings - 26th (down from 22nd) (Elliot Harrison) - 27th (down from 22nd)

Fitting that the Bucs wore the creamcicle uniforms Sunday. Tampa Bay lost at least 10 games for 14 straight seasons before going to the pewter look in 1997. The 38-19 loss to the Panthers made it six straight for the '11 Bucs, with the potential of a 10-loss season more than likely.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) - 25th (down from 21st)

Is Raheem Morris in trouble? You know he is now after that awful showing against Carolina.

National Football Post - 28th (down from 21st)

The Bucs are in the running for the most disappointing team in the NFL.

Pro Football Talk - 26th (down from 20th)

Our friends in Tampa continue to deserve more.

Pro Football Weekly - 28th (down from 24th)

Add Raheem Morris to hot-seat list after six losses in a row.