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Bucs Nation Monday Night Open Thread: Chargers at Jaguars

It's cheerleader week
It's cheerleader week

Wait, the Jaguars got two home games on Monday Night Football this year? And Monday Night Football expects to get good matchups how, exactly?

But hey, the Bucs play the Jaguars on Sunday, so this will be a good time to check out Blaine Gabbert's inability to stand in the pocket, his receivers' inability to catch balls and the Jags' awesome defense, wasted on an incompetent offense. All that under their new (interim) head coach Mel Tucker. Prospective owner Shahid Khan won't be at the game, because the official approval process of his ownership has not been finished yet.

So, discuss the game, football, the Buccaneers, firing Raheem Morris, hiring Bill Cowher, drafting Trent Richardson or whatever else in here.