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Buccaneers - Falcons Preview: Three Key Matchups on Defense

Here are my three key matchups on defense.

Adrian Clayborn vs Will Svitek

To stop the Falcons, the Bucs must get to Matt Ryan. If they can disrupt the young quarterback's dropbacks and pass sets, they have a good chance of beating the Atlanta Falcons. Adrian Clayborn has been the Bucs' most consistent pass rusher, and is relatively healthy.

To make this matchup a little more beatable for the Bucs, Will Svitek is not a great left tackle. Clayborn had great success in week 3 against the Falcons, but he was facing now benched left tackle Sam Baker, though. Can Clayborn beat Svitek as easily as he beat Baker in the first game between these teams?

Michael Turner vs tackling

The Bucs can't tackle, and they haven't been good tacklers for months - maybe years. That's a bad habit against any running back, but against a powerful back like Turner it is a real killer. Turner isn't normally a big-play back, but the Bucs' run defense has a way of turning any back into a big-play back.

Tampa Bay needs to stop Turner's feet and gang tackle the big back, something they haven't done to running backs for a long time. The last time these two teams met the Bucs managed to keep Turner contained - but can they do so again?

E.J. Biggers vs Roddy White

E.J. Biggers has had trouble stopping talented receivers this season - and last year as well, to be honest. Quality receivers like Jordy Nelson have feasted on Biggers' coverage, and Roddy White looks to do the same thing on Sunday.

Roddy White is the Falcons' best receiver, despite developing a case of the dropsies this year. He's still a very dangerous receiver, but is best as a possession receiver who consistently can move the chains on third down. If the Bucs want to stop the Falcons they can't let that happen - but can Biggers stop White?