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Tampa Bay Buccaneers promote Rudy Carpenter, release Zac Diles

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers promoted QB Rudy Carpenter from their practice squad, which is a sure sign that Josh Freeman's readiness for the Panthers game is in question. To make room on the roster the Bucs decided to release LB Zac Diles, eating into the Bucs' linebacker depth. If Josh Freeman can't start, Josh Johnson will be the starter with Rudy Carpenter being the third QB.

Interestingly enough, the Bucs decided to keep Micheal Spurlock on the roster, despite the fact that he has not been active the past weeks and has participated in only a handful of plays this year. I still do not know why the journeyman WR is on the roster. He was supposed to be the Bucs' emergency QB instead of Rudy Carpenter because he could at least contribute in other phases of the game. But that argument went out the window when the Bucs stopped using Spurlock altogether.

So now, the Bucs have three QBs on the roster, and an emergency QB who never plays.