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Bucs Nation Sleeper of the Week: Legarrette Blount

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This week's Sleeper of the Week: Legarrette Blount. At this point you can't really call Blount a sleeper, but he hasn't had any great games either. That should change against the Carolina Panthers. Not only do the Panthers have a horrible rushing attack, the Bucs' QB situation will force them to run the ball more: either Josh Johnson will start, or Josh Freeman will play with a bum shoulder. Either way, Blount should get plenty of carries.

And when he does, he can be deadly. So if you weren't planning on playing Legarrette Blount: think again. He will get the ball, and he will have a big game. The only thing that can stop this is Greg Olson, who could either come out with a pass-heavy gameplan or decide to get away from the run as soon as the Bucs fall behind. That could always happen, but with the injured or backup QB, he might decide to just stick with what works for once.