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A Late Christmas Gift?

I don't often link to other sites, but in this case I feel it's warranted. Over at JoeBucsFan, there's a quick blurb that discusses how the Glazers could feel like their hand is forced based on a report by Ira Kaufman. The quote looks like this.

At this point, [the Glazers] feel their hand is forced," Kaufman said. "They’re not competitive. They’re the worst team in football right now. Nobody can argue that.

It goes on to point out the willingness the Glazers seem to have in spending, citing Gruden's monster salary (but yet fails to mention an additional feather in the spending cap, the draft picks we gave up).

Last, but not least, here is the potential early Christmas gift for some. For all you Domink haters out there.

Kaufman said he believes Team Glazer will target a high-profile guy to be the Bucs next head coach and Mark Dominik could become a "casualty of war" if they hired a guy like Bill Cowher that might want complete control.

I should note that this quote is paraphrased from JBF and not a direct quote, however, you can see where the direction would come from.

I personally don't think Dom needs to go, but if the Glazers land their top target who insists on Dominik being gone, I'm not the one cutting the checks. I will say that if/when they let Dom go, it's a lot of wasted money between 3 years of paying Gruden to not coach, 1 year of Raheem (potentially) and 3 years of Dominik (potentially).