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Bucs Nation Sleeper of the Week: Legarrette Blount

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The last time these two teams met, Legarrette Blount rushed for a whopping 19 yards on 11 carries. So why did I choose him as sleeper this time? Because the Carolina run defense is still horrible, and the Bucs can't possibly mess up that badly against a terrible run defense again - can they?

The Carolina Panthers have allowed a whopping 1,826 yards rushing this year, which ranks 25th in the league. They have allowed 4.4 yards per carry, ranked 24th in the league. The Bucs have to be capable of exploiting that. Blount could run over a poor run defense, and run through arm tackles. Like the Bucs, the Panthers can't really tackle.

Will the Bucs actually be able to exploit this? I don't know. Last time around, Blount had a horrible day, missing holes and failing to run downhill with power. Meanwhile, the offensive line didn't play well either, getting blown off the line consistently. But both Blount and the line are better than that.