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Daily Bucs Links 12/21/11 - Did the Bucs quit on Saturday?

Talib's season-ending injury could be first of many changes in Bucs secondary | & Tampa Bay Times
This is a pretty good point: the secondary will likely look very, very different next season.

Prime Time comment of Bucs quitting doesn't sit with T Trueblood | & Tampa Bay Times
Well, that's what it looked like, at least for some players.

Trueblood Denies Deion Sanders Assessment Bucs Quit | Pewter Report
It looked like some players quit. Not all of them. | Dominik’s Headset Isn’t Just For Listening - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Apparently, this was a theme.

Dominik wears coaching headset to help with injuries, replay challenges | & Tampa Bay Times
This is pretty common, apparently. I did not know that.

Jaws: Josh Freeman is not the problem - NFC South Blog - ESPN
He's part of it, but he's not all of it.

Bucs can't wait to get Talib back next season, according to Morris | & Tampa Bay Times
Morris will always want him around, but if he's gone, I think Talib's gone too.

Raheem Morris makes case for Aqib Talib to return to Tampa Bay Bucs in 2012 - Tampa Bay Times
No one will listen if he's gone.

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FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 15 Quick Reads
Surprise: Freeman had a bad game.

Super Bowl to be streamed online, to mobile phones |

NFL Total Quarterback Rating - National Football League - ESPN
More sucky QB'ing.

Haye happy to 'come off the couch' and rejoin Bucs |
Good for Jovan.

Haye thankful for latest shot with Buccaneers |
The shot will last two games, probably.

Haye Getting Second Shot With Bucs | Pewter Report
Not much to write about but this, I guess.