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Sunday NFL Open Thread - Late Games + Sunday Night Football

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The winless Colts just won a game. The unbeaten Packers just lost a game. The Giants played themselves out of the playoffs, probably, and the Dolphins got another win. This was a weird day so far, but we're not done yet.

And, of course, the fantasy playoffs continue - can you win your playoff matchup?

Detroit Lions @ Oakland Raiders
The Raiders are incredibly inconsistent, while the Lions are fighting for their playoff lives. Should be a good game, really.

Cleveland Browns @ Arizona Cardinals
Ehm, no thanks.

New York Jets @ Philadelphia Eagles
I hate both these teams.

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos
This will be interesting. Can Tebow take advantage of that terrible secondary, or will the Broncos finally stop winning games on crazy endings?

8:30 PM:

Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers
Two struggling quarterbacks on talented teams.