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Bucs Nation Sleeper of the Week: Dezmon Briscoe

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Okay, I suck at these things. So here's my first advice: if I say a player is a sleeper, don't start him. I've gotten a sleeper right all of one time this season. It's starting to get a little ridiculous. But hey, that's what happens when about half a player on your team performs well in fantasy terms each week.

That said, I'm picking a sleeper again this week: wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe. Why? Because he will start as Arrelious Benn will miss this game with a concussion, and the Dallas Cowboys are absolutely horrible against #2 wide receivers. By Football Outsiders' numbers they're the second worst team in the league at stopping #2 receivers behind only the Minnesota Vikings.

Of course, for Briscoe to star Freeman needs to find a way to throw him accurate passes, and Briscoe needs to get open and make some tough catches. Given the way this offense has failed to work this year, that could always be a problem.