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Adam Schefter: Buccaneers considering keeping Raheem Morris, hiring defensive coordinator

This move was suggested weeks, months even years ago by some Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans: the Bucs could keep Raheem Morris as head coach, while finding him a defensive coordinator to lighten the load. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the Bucs are considering exactly that move, but it doesn't seem very feasible to me.

There are a number of reasons why this is not a great idea. First of all, Raheem Morris is loath to give up his coordinator duties, and has said so on numerous occasions. That doesn't mean he wouldn't give them up if he had to choose between that or being fired, but it wouldn't create a great work environment.

More importantly, Raheem Morris is entering the last year of his contract and finding a capable coordinator willing to spend the year under a lame duck head coach is very unlikely. Instead, the Bucs would have to promote from within - and defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake seems like the most likely candidate there. The other option would be to extend Raheem Morris, and that just seems like a fairytale barring a miraculous turnaround in these last three games.

With Jason LaCanfora reporting a couple of days ago that the Bucs would make some changes to the offensive coaching staff regardless of Morris' status, this new report suggests that the Bucs are about to blow up both the offensive and defensive coaching staff - with only Morris' status as head coach in doubt. But should Morris really remain a head coach?

The issues with this team extend beyond just the defense by now. The offense has been terrible, but there are fundamental problems with this team. Discipline is lacking, the Bucs have failed to respond to adversity and have lost a couple of blowout games in embarrassing fashion to some horrible teams - most notably the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team as a whole is failing to respond to Raheem Morris right now, and that's an indictment of his ability as a head coach, not just as a defensive coordinator.