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John Clayton: Raheem Morris was to be fired Monday

Per Rick Stroud and Justin Pawlowski, ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that Raheem Morris was to be fired this Monday, but the Bucs coaching staff wasn't big enough to function without him. That makes some sense. Not only would they have to replace Raheem Morris as head coach, they would need to find a defensive coordinator, and replacements for the two promoted coaches. That's a lot of turnover, and the Bucs don't even really have a viable candidate as interim head coach.

But as reports like this keep coming out, these final three weeks seem to be nothing more for Raheem Morris than an audition for his next job. Barring a remarkable turnaround, three consecutive wins, quality play and one or two blowouts, Morris seems to be done as a coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Is John Clayton right and will the Bucs move on after the season? We've examined the issue from several angles over the past days:

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