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Buccaneers - Jaguars - Top 5 Defensive Plays

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The Jaguars managed to score 41 points on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But despite that, there were plenty of good plays on defense. Two interceptions, a sack, and some tackles for loss are up for the top defensive play of the week.

Adrian Clayborn sacks Blaine Gabbert
3-8-JAX 24 (7:00) (Shotgun) B.Gabbert pass incomplete short right to M.Lewis.

Adrian Clayborn has been a bright spot this year, and he produced one of the biggest defensive highlights on Sunday. This was a perfect example of his skills. He gets into Eugene Monroe's body, knocks down his hands, then runs the circle around the former top 10 draft pick. The result: a sack, and a forced fumble - sadly recovered by that same offensive tackle who gave up the sack in the first place.

Ronde Barber picks off Blaine Gabbert
3-7-TB 43 (2:24) (Shotgun) B.Gabbert pass short middle intended for M.Lewis INTERCEPTED by R.Barber at TB 36.
R.Barber to TB 48 for 12 yards (M.Lewis)

This was a play made by Ronde Barber, but set up by the defensive line. Dekoda Watson shows why he's on the field on third downs, beating the right tackle to the inside with a beautiful spin move. That forces Blaine Gabbert to scramble to the right, and he throws an ill-advised ball across his body into zone coverage. Ronde Barber gets an easy interception handed to him on a plate by Blaine Gabbert.

Mason Foster picks off Blaine Gabbert
2-5-TB 5 (8:20) B.Gabbert pass short middle intended for M.Lewis INTERCEPTED by M.Foster at TB -7. Touchback.

Gabbert keeps making bad plays. This time the Jaguars look like they're about to extend their lead as they're nearly at the goal-line. The Bucs decide to play zone coverage and force Gabbert to find the hole in zone. The rookie quarterback can't do that, as he tries to force a ball to Marcedes Lewis down the middle of the field. Mason Foster just has to sit in his zone to get the easy pick.

Michael Bennett tackles Maurice Jones-Drew for a loss
3-3-JAX 27 (13:21) M.Jones-Drew right end to JAX 24 for -3 yards (M.Bennett)

At the start of the second quarter, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were still in control. They were leading 14-0, and had just forced the Jaguars into a third-and-short. With the Jaguars not trusting their rookie quarterback, they handed the ball off to Maurice Jones-Drew. But Michael Bennett stopped that play before it could get going. He was aligned at defensive tackle, and bullrushed the guard three yards into the backfield, then came off the 'block' and tackled the elusive Jones-Drew for a 3-yard loss, forcing a punt.

Tanard Jackson tackles Jarett Dillard for a loss
2-13-JAX 32 (12:58) (Shotgun) B.Gabbert pass short right to J.Dillard to JAX 30 for -2 yards (T.Jackson)

This is a great example of Tanard Jackson's instincts and explosion, when he's at his best. And, unlike on most occasions this year, he actually managed to make the tackle too. For the Jaguars this is a very simple play: a screen to wide receiver Jarett Dillard, with Chastin West blocking E.J. Biggers in front of him. At the snap Tanard Jackson is about ten yards off the line of scrimmage, but he diagnoses the play immediately, gets to the receiver just after the ball is thrown, and comes up to secure the tackle for a two-yard loss. This forced a third-and-long, and another punt for the Jaguars.