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Bucs Nation Sleeper of the Week: Arrelious Benn

This week's sleeper of the week: Arrelious Benn. There are two reasons for that: Benn's production this year, and the poor defensive play of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Specifically, the fact that Ashton Youboty is starting at cornerback and likely to be on Arrelious Benn. Ashton Youboty was torched repeatedly on Monday Night Football, and there's no real reason why Benn can't do the same thing.

All season long the Bucs have tried to find Arrelious Benn on deep balls, but in the past four weeks that really took off. He has a 30+-yard catch in three of the past four games, and they try to get him isolated on a cornerback down the sideline at least once every game.

And against Ashton Youboty, he's likely to succeed - even if Josh Johnson plays instead of Josh Freeman. Last week, Johnson and Benn hooked up for a 38-yard completion, after all. So my sleeper of the week: Arrelious Benn. Of course, I've only been right about my Sleeper of the Week once so far, so take that for what it's worth.