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Cowboys - Buccaneers (December 17) sold out

The Bucs have just announced their third sell-out of the year: week 15's game against the Dallas Cowboys has officially been sold out. That's the third home game this year to sell out, after the Monday Night game against the Indianapolis Colts earlier this year sold out. The other home game was played in London, however, so that probably shouldn't be counted.

The Bucs will play the Cowboys on Saturday December 17 at 8:20 PM. That's a prime time game on NFL Network. Perhaps the Bucs have to play more often at night.

This is a far cry from last year's sell-out free record, when the Bucs saw all eight of their home games blacked out locally. This year that number will be cut by at least three, and possibly more. The Bucs have two more home games this year: on Sunday against the Houston Texans, and three weeks later against the Carolina Panthers, which will be the Bucs' throwback game this year.