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Daily Bucs Links 11/8/11 - Mediocrity calls

So-so Bucs keep treading water in pool of mediocrity |
What's annoying is that the Bucs have the talent to be better, but don't play like it consistently.

Call for wildcat in key situation typifies Tampa Bay Buccaneers' terrible playcalling - St. Petersburg Times
That was a terrible, terrible call.

In McCoy's absence, Bucs will have to add a DT | & St. Petersburg Times
We'll see who they bring in.

Morris: Bucs "out-physicaled' by Saints | & St. Petersburg Times
They were out-a-lot-of-different-things-ed on Sunday.

Houston Texans expected to attack Tampa Bay Buccaneers' porous run defense - St. Petersburg Times
The Bucs are going to have a very hard time stopping the Texans.

Loss To Saints Is Maddening For Many Reasons | NFL Blog Blitz: Tampa Bay Buccaneers powered by
Mostly, the poor play. NFL Draft Rumor Mill
Former Pewter Report writer Charlie Campbell weighs in with some thoughts on whether Raheem Morris could be fired.

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Scenes from the Superdome: Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense is run over; Gerald McCoy out for season; LeGarrette Blount's usage downturn - St. Petersburg Times
More notes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gimme 5 - St. Petersburg Times
And some more notes.

Arm Injury Ends McCoy's Season |
See you next year.

Bucs DT McCoy out for season with torn biceps | Fox Sports Florida
It doesn't get better on third viewing.

Bucs Place McCoy On Injured Reserve | Pewter Report
Or fourth.

Bucs confirm McCoy is lost for the year...'That's football.' | & St. Petersburg Times
That sucks.

Bucs defense suffers major blow | Fox Sports Florida