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Chad Spann, Zane Taylor cut from Buccaneers' practice squad

That didn't take long: RB Chad Spann and T Zane Taylor have been released from the practice squad. Spann was added to the practice squad just before the Chicago Bears game, when the Bucs needed running backs. There was even some talk of promoting him to the roster after Earnest Graham went down, but that fizzled out pretty quickly as Mossis Madu was given that spot instead. 

This probably means the Bucs are really satisified with what Mossis Madu has been doing as well, and don't think they need to keep Spann around as insurance. Cutting Taylor doesn't really mean much as the team has a decent amount of depth on the roster at offensive line. 

The Bucs have made it clear they want to add a defensive tackle to the team. They could use the open practice squad spots to add a few to the practice squad. That would mean making do with the players on the roster at defensive tackle. If Frank Okam can't go soon, the Bucs will be forced to use DEs George Johnson and Michael Bennett at 3-technique until they can find another DT to add to the roster.