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Quincy Black Is Disappointing

I know Black's not in this picture, but it epitomizes Tampa's play this past week.
I know Black's not in this picture, but it epitomizes Tampa's play this past week.

Quincy Black was given a huge contract this off season and he has not earned it.  I can say that in regards to the seasons he's play before singing it and for this campaign.  He's the fastest linebacker on the field with all of the impressive measurables but he's just not a very good player.  There are problems in every aspect of his game from coverage to breaking down.  

The most disheartening thing to watch as of late has been his inability to bring down the ball carrier.  Black has always been a weak tackler, but it was particularly noticeable in the Saints game.  It's not his strength or speed, but his form and pursuit.  He takes very poor angles and tries very hard to use his strength instead of his momentum to take his man to the ground.  Pierre Thomas made Black look plain outmatched on three separate occasions, the most horrific was blowing by him at the goal line.

Intelligently, Morris has given up on Quincy rushing off of the edge.  Fortunately for the defense, Dekoda Watson has done a very nice job with those responsibilities. 

Black isn't a bad coverage guy, but a linebacker who has serious tackling and pursuit issues is a liability.  There are games that he has shined but they are few and far between.  I'm not sure Watson is the answer, but Black doesn't seem like he's getting any better.

As an aside, I just watch the Saints game and am flabbergasted at the awful play on both sides.  Black seems like he's getting the brunt of my ire, and that probably isn't warranted.  Josh Freeman is having problems hitting open men, receivers are struggling to catch balls that are thrown well, everyone is committing penalties, and neither line is doing their job.  Not to mention Tampa can't score inside of the ten yard line.  Two frustrating loses in a row.