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Bucs @ Saints Second Half Game Thread: Bucs trail Saints 17-3

Another week, another horrible first half. What else is knew. Gerald McCoy is out for the game with an arm injury, which really hurts the Bucs' pass rush. Drew Brees has had plenty of time, mostly because the Saints have focused on protection keeping in extra blockers, and because the Bucs are getting no inside pass rush going. 

Meanwhile on offense, nothing appears to be working. Except running the ball with Legarrette Blount, but the Bucs don't seem awfully committed to doing that. 

The positives: Preston Parker still looks good, and the Bucs haven't had any turnovers. Yet. 

Can the Bucs get it together in the second half as they have done so often, or will they continue to suck? It seems like I have to write that sentence every week.