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Bucs Nation Fantasy Sleeper of the Week

Today's sleeper of the week is Legarrette Blount. While Blount can't rightly be called a sleeper, his value could be higher this week than any other week. Not only is he facing a very week run defense, he will also be on the field for a significant number of third downs for the first in, well, ever. 

To further help boost Blount's value this week, there is no reliable backup running back on the roster. Earnest Graham is on IR, leaving just Kregg Lumpkin and rookie Mossis Madu to eat into his carries. But it seems unlikely that either player will earn enough playing time to seriously hurt Blount's production. 

The only downside to Blount? If the Saints manage to build a lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will stop running the ball. That could really hamper the Bucs' production, as Tampa Bay has shown repeatedly it will stop running the football if the game gets out of hand.