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Tampa Bay Buccaneers activate Andrew Economos, waive S David Sims

The Bucs have finally activated Andrew Economos off the Non-Football Injury list, and they waived S David Sims to do that. Sims had been signed just a few days ago but apparently couldn't impress the team enough to keep him around. Economos was on the non-football injury list because he injured his hamstring in the offseason, which forced him to miss the season until now. 

Having Andrew Economos back should help special teams play just a little. Christian Yount had been the longsnapper throughout the season so far. While Yount was a good snapper, he had trouble getting down-field and making plays in return coverage. Meanwhile, getting downfield and making tackles is one of Economos' strengths, and one of the reasons why the Bucs have him under contract through 2012. 

Even though Economos has been absent so far, the Bucs have actually been excellent on special teams. The Bucs are ranked fourth in special teams value by Football Outsiders' rankings. While they haven't had many big returns, they've been excellent in kick and punt coverage. Free agent addition Michael Koenen is a big reason why, but the kick coverage units themselves deserve a lot of credit as well.