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Josh Freeman limited in practice with shoulder injury

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While everyone focused on the thumb cut Freeman suffered five weeks ago and which has long since healed, there was apparently a much more recent injury to worry about. Josh Freeman suffered a right shoulder injury on the final play of the game against the Tennessee Titans, and that injury prevented him from throwing today. While it looks like he will be able to play on Sunday, this injury sure won't help his accuracy.

Speaking of his accuracy, Freeman looked absolutely horrible throwing the football against the Tennessee Titans. I'm pretty sure the weather conditions had something to do with that, but very few of his balls were actually on-target. Most fluttered behind or ahead of receivers. While Freeman has demonstrated the ability to be a very accurate quarterback in the past, he has suffered from intermittent accuracy issues all season.

With none of the receivers playing well and all of them struggling to catch routine balls let alone poorly thrown passes, it's not a good time for Josh Freeman to throw inaccurate passes. And that shoulder injury won't help him get back on track.