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Daily Bucs Links 11/30/11 - Josh Freeman cut his thumb. Five weeks ago. Plus: a new writer for Bucs Nation

First things first, we have a new writer to welcome. RookTakesYou joins the staff as a writer, and he'll primarily focus on the draft. Please give him a warm welcome.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Is Time Running Out for Raheem Morris? - SB Nation Tampa Bay
I personally doubt the Glazers fire him, unless he ends the season with just one more victory.

"Sloppy Ball" Doomed Bucs In Nashville, Morris Says | Pewter Report
Lots of things doomed the Bucs.

Freeman injured thumb at local shooting range |
So yeah, this is a story. A cut on his thumb.

Freeman needed five stitches in right thumb from incident at local shooting range | & St. Petersburg Times
Supposedly cosmetic.

Bucs' season getting more bizarre - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Everyone wants to chime in on this.

Insider: Bucs’ Run Defense in Familiar Place | ESPN Florida | Florida's Sports Leader
A familiar place of suck.

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Bucs Report -Tribune staff: Bucs went soft on critical snap - from Sports
And it would have actually worked, had they executed it properly.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 12 Quick Reads
Outsiders says: Josh Freeman had another bad day.

Lions' Suh suspended two games for stomping on opponent |
Seems fair given his history.

Jaguars fire Del Rio as coach; team will be sold |
And they sell the team. That should be bigger news, no?

NFC South Stock Watch - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Falling: every Buccaneer.

Another Slice of Orange! |
The throwback game is this week. I love the throwback uniforms.